How can you help to make Bharat Sustainable?

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About US (YSDF)

YSDF has the vision to make Sustainable Bharat by accomodating its five core values clean, green, education, health, and peace. Yuga Social Duty Foundation is a charitable company registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (CIN – U85300BR2020NPL046264). YSDF is registered under section 8 of the companies Act 2013 that makes India a Zero Waste Bharat. 


YSDF provides various benefits to their employees including Advance EMI Credit, Remote Working, Casual leaves, Study Leaves, paternity & maternity leaves, Health Insurance, Performance Bonus, Skill Update Club, and Employee Training.

Campus Facility

YSDF provides enhanced campus facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, cafe facility, peaceful environment, health benefits, and entertainment facilities.


Great Place To Work

Factors like inclusive environment, learn & grow your career, let’s be remarkable, shape tomorrow’s Bharat, employee friendly work culture, and blissful quality of life make YSDF a great place to work for your sustainable career.



Sponsor To Make Bharat Sustainable

YSDF has established its foundation to make Bharat Sustainable and inventing recyclepreneurs and investors to connect with our broader aspects of sponsorship. Your enhanced association will boost your personal branding, awards, accolades, felicitations, and mass recognition among local & global communities. You will get benefits of social work recognition, personal branding, and prestigious awards conferred by YSDF on various occasions.


We can achieve the aim of Sustainable Bharat by the incorporation of smart technologies and decent corporate management services. Our core values coincide with a circular economy that is based on the theory of

"जीवो जीवस्य जीवनम्"
अर्थात:- "- जीव का जीव से ही जीवन है"

that will lead to positive changes in sustainability. 


We have collaborated with our institution partners to work on the ongoing challenges of sustainable Bharat and find a sustainable solution for it. We have signed a MoU with top global and local non-governmental organizations including NGOs, government bodies, industry and academic institutions. Together we can build a sustainable Bharat with the foundation of circular economy.

Be A Recyclepreneur

YSDF provides end-to-end support for setting up recycle industry. You will get A2Z technology support like management support, human resource support, training & skill development support, project work support and core market support. 


YSDF (Yuga Social Duty Foundation) brings a valuable opportunity to serve your society and accomplish a significant role in sustainable Bharat. We invite and appreciate volunteers across India to show their active participation in accomplishing the social duty of this Yuga and to pay back to society.


Internships at YSDF mark footprints in the sand where each step signifies the journey taken. We aim to create a gratifying environment for our interns to get involved in budding career opportunities. We gave them a better environment where they learn while earn.


“STAGE” is a golden opportunity for regional artists to flourish and sustain their dreams. YSD foundation gives you a platform where your talent can be recognized globally.
STAGE gives you wings to fly in the creative sky and reach to the moon. Your talents will be nourished and flourished at every stage. Your performance on the ‘STAGE’ platform will be noticed by global thinkers and innovators. You will get a golden hat to rule the world.

Yuga social duty foundation (YSDF) has developed a unique concept of zero waste Bharat. The notion of waste into resources has thrilled me. For a long time, I have been speaking to every platform that every waste is a resource until it is segregated. You have developed a unique concept of a circular economy where you have recycled the used plastic and made it as raw materials for manufacturers. Your prime core values like clean, green, education, health, and peace make the Bharat Sustainable. Some of your concepts like call dustbin, Recycewala, QR code enabled garbage van, the unique process of segregation and recycling have been building a great asset for our nation.

Dr. Binish Desai

Recycle Man of India , Valsad, Gujarat, India.

The team of Yuga Social Duty Foundation (YSDF) is highly enthusiastic about plastic waste management. I have personally advised to build skilled recyclepreneurs for plastic recycling. Some of their work is highly unique like call dustbin, recyclewala, QR code enabled garbage van, best facility for segregation plant, and generating low-cost raw materials from recycling process. I wish their greater feat of achieving zero waste Bharat and zero landfills. Your contribution will become a milestone for a circular economy. I am always available for help and support of your unique work. Thanks a lot for caring mother nature!

Rajagopan Vasudevan

Plastic Man of India, Tamil Nadu, India

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make a Bharat better place to live by incorporating better infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. YSDF thinks all the people will live happily with no pain and grief.

We have developed unique solutions for solving the woes of waste segregation and recycling. Our unique initiatives like call dustbin, recyclewala, QR code, customer care services help us to manage the waste collection and segregation. Our endeavor has paved the way to create skilled and non-skilled jobs for local youths.

Currently, YSDF has been working for cleanliness and zero waste Bharat. Our future plans are to work for greenery, education, health and peace. All the above described elements make a better place live on the Earth. In the future, we will induce more employment opportunities.

YSDF is a technology-driven charitable foundation that has been working to transform the Bharat scrapeless by imbibing its core values clean, green, education, health, and peace. Your donations will be noteworthy to serve the humanity and ease the burden of mother Earth. We will give you all the minute details of donation by clicking the tack donation icon. We hope that you will click our DONATE NOW button to gratify us with your generous donation to give a better place of living on mother Earth.

YSDF has been working tirelessly to achieve the mission of zero waste Bharat by imbibing novel technologies. An amalgamation of technology, innovation, and creativity has played a major role in recycling waste materials. Our super initiatives like Call Dustbin, QR Code, and Customer care services have helped us to collect garbage from the home, shop, and other commercial establishments. After collecting the garbage, we segregate and recycle it to develop the concept of a circular economy.


We have been working with our better infrastructure and incredible services to achieve the mission of making Bharat scrapeless. If you think you have better ideas to improvise our organization to achieve our dearest feat of Sustainable Bharat, then we will welcome your views. Kindly, drop down your suggestions to our suggestion box or write to us [email protected]. We welcome every suggestion either it is mighty or minuscule. If we find your suggestion is noteworthy and practically viable to work on it, then we will reward you with a handsome amount of money. 

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